How well is your Business Performing?

Take our complimentary business growth assessment to find out how your business is performing and get expert perspectives on how you can improve key business functions, to better support your current business performance and your future business growth potential.

As an ambitious business leader, you’re constantly evaluating your business performance and juggling priorities.
You may feel there’s never enough time, budget and or skills in your business to step back and plan and prepare for serious growth. You may even lack confidence believing that there’s always too much pressure, competition and disruption around you to give you a chance at significant business success.
  • How is it that others seem to take a lead faced with the same business obstacles as you?
  • How can you better navigate the challenges and make the progress you need to deliver the business growth you dream of?
  • How can you unleash your business growth potential and lead a sustainable, responsible and profitable business that delivers optimal growth and long-term success?
In 10 minutes get an objective, experienced assessment of your business performance and gain insights into how to improve key business functions and transform your business so you can unleash your business potential for growth. Discover how to build resilience into your business so you can rise to challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Get the guidance you need to help you be the one who takes the lead in the new era of business.
Your people are your greatest asset. Your reputation relies not only on your product and service but also on the people responsible for driving its success in the market. They need to be enabled, engaged and given the right environment in which to do their best work and thrive so your business can reach its growth potential.
Your business systems and processes should be considered as key building blocks that will enable you to continually improve your operations across business disciplines, and increase team productivity and effectiveness whilst you manage risk and remain compliant with regulations and policies.
Your financial foundations are critical to ensuring you are in a position to run a successful business. They can literally make and break start-ups, and can make all the difference in supporting you generating sustainable, responsible, and profitable growth necessary to help take you through the business life stages of growth from start-up to scaleup to exit.
Your marketing leadership capability should effectively lead and manage your marketing and ensure you have the creative flair and focus on innovation to give your business the all-important attraction factor. Marketing and Brand should be fully optimised (starting with the right strategy) to unlock your true business potential for growth, and in so doing deliver the optimum Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).
Your sales function should fill you with confidence that they can identify, nurture and develop quality leads into valuable business pipeline opportunities that have a high potential for conversion. A high performing sales function delivers profitable business wins allowing you to generate the all-important revenue you'll need to fuel your business growth.
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Please note:
This scorecard is best designed for those Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs, MDs that have launched their business and are leading their business. However, leaders of young start-ups and pre-launch businesses will still get value and benefit from the report that will be sent after answering all the questions. If you are in the early stage of your business concept development or at just launched stage you may find some questions read less relevant to you – but please still answer them with your best response. The insights shared in the report should be informative for the next steps on your business growth journey.
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