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Empowering Leaders to Unleash their Business Potential

What's holding back your business? What gaps do you have in your team?

Welcome to the Bloom Consortium, a collective of dynamic, professional and experienced specialists available on-demand to help overwhelmed business leaders and their management teams realise their company’s full potential and achieve business success.
Our vision is to empower SMEs to succeed. We believe that too much time, effort, and cost is wasted every day by businesses grappling with challenges that could be easily and quickly overcome if they had access to experienced, proven specialists to plug the gaps in their team’s capability. We know the impact that your business can make if even just a fraction of that wasted time, effort and cost is diverted towards growth instead.
What we do
We're known for delivering measurable change for our clients by plugging the gaps in the key business functions an SME business needs to flourish. As proven experts in our individual professional specialisms with extensive industry experience, we know the power that bringing in the right expert at the right time can bring. Our expertise has been honed over decades of experience in the corporate environment, freelancing, contracting and building our own businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in the UK and across the globe. We’re professional, accredited and award-winning, and we also support good causes around the world.
Who We Help
We specialise in working with 6-7 figure revenue businesses in B2C and B2B who recognise the opportunity to do more and be more, if only they had trusted go-to experts by their side guiding strategy, planning and supporting implementation. As businesses grow, there reaches a point where it becomes apparent that there are gaps in the leadership team, but there is a significant time and financial cost to find and recruit full-time personnel. We can provide the right resources at the right time and at the right level of support, ensuring both time and cost effectiveness. All services are provided on an on-demand basis, so completely flexible. Our proven abilities and methods successfully support business leaders to survive and thrive, scale and grow, evolve and transform. We deliver tangible business outcomes. In addition to supporting business leaders to grow their business profitably, we aim to support them to grow sustainably and with purpose - as that will deliver a stronger business and added value for all.
Expertise you can trust.
Plug the gaps in your team
Depending on your needs, select the required specialists from our team of experts. Our services are fully flexible and provided on an affordable consulting basis. We supply the professionals you need as soon as you need them, and only whilst you need them. If you need more than one of us, you can trust that we already know how to work together as a productive team rather than random unconnected consultants.
Marketing Strategy
Operations and Transformation
Human Resources
IT & Cyber Security
Creative Disruption
Risk & Compliance
Legal & Contracts
Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discovery call, to find out how we can free you to focus on growing your business and help your business bloom.
Empowering Leaders to Unleash their Business Potential
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